What is the COST to set up a website in China?
Date:2021-08-27 click:827  

Many companies that need to build up websites wish to get a definite offer and quotation. In fact, the price of the website creation is NOT FIXED, but is closely related to the company’s own NEEDS & EXPECTATIONS. 

Let's look at the following 5 SCENARIOS, so that you can think of which type of customer your company might be.


      A Company, big, has its own IT technicians & designers.

       A is willing to invest more to build the company's official website.

  • Budget: RMB 200,000 - 6 million, mainly human costs. 
  • Recommend: self-develop website, fully customized. 
  • Advantages: High controllable, sets on demand. A will have the SC (source code), which allow A to have the convenience for later maintenance. 
  • Disadvantages: Gernerally, its own personnel development design requires the greatest amount of time, and its ultimate results are most in line with their own demand, but there are too many factors in the middle, and the abandonment is all. The cost is expensive, most companies cannot bear. 


      B Company, big company, with sufficient budget.

      B has no IT team, no designers. A has a high demand for the website, has tried many website templates, but still cannot meet the needs.

  • Budget: RMB 20,000 - 4 million 
  • Recommend: B shall find a website agency that is good at customized, from features to design, total one-stop customization. 
  • Advantages: The website will be designed according to the needs of B, it is highly controllable. 
  • Disadvantages: There is no standard quotation and standard processes for custom this website. The design results may be inconsistent with the needs you have elaborated. The delivery period can be very long, and if necessary, there will be additional charges. 


      C Company, small and medium-sized enterprise, no IT team, no designers.

      C does not have a very high requirement on the website.

  • Budget: RMB 10,000. 
  • Recommend: Half-template & half-customer website. Based on using template function and design, text and pictures are customized. 
  • Advantages: Cost-effective, most small and medium-sized companies and some large companies can take this approach. There are many templates on the market, which usually already meet the needs. If the delivery progress goes smoothly, the website can go online within 1 week. 
  • Disadvantages: Mainly SaaS tools, C does not have the SC (source code). If the demands of C change frequently, it is necessary to pay additional charges. In the market, there are often a website agency charges C with RMB 3,000 to help C build a website. After C finishes the payment, subsequent payment will occur if there is any other demands. 


      D Company, small and medium-sized enterprise, no IT team, no designers.

       D does not have a very high requirement on the website. 

  • Budget: RMB 3,000.
  • Recommend: Self-build with template, with the support on such as Developer Aliyun. 
  • Advantages: Cost-effective, can even build up a website under RMB 1,000. For example, Ali Cloud | Su Cheng Station costs only RMB 500 / Year, website can be delivered and go online within 3 working days. 
  • Disadvantages: Before select a certain website template, D shall understand whether the functionality and specifications of the template meet its needs, as well as shall compare the cost performance. 


      E Individual, personal website, E can code, E has time.

  • Recommend: E buys domain name, purchases the server, and uses the WordPress to edit the code to build a website. 
  • Advantages: The cost is extremely low, only a few hundred RMB can build up a website. E will gain a sense of personal accomplishment. 
  • Disadvantages: The technical threshold & time cost is high. Website is written by open SC (source code), which is easy to be attacked, leading to website paralysis. 

Before you start consulting a website creation agency seeking for quotation, you may wish to consider your company is A or B, or D, so that you can consider which approach is more SUITABLE for you, hence more effectively face with the coming quotations, delivery time and obstacles.