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  • What is the COST to set up a website in China?

    Aug 27,2021 - If your website is mainly aimed to domestic users in China, it is most appropriate to set up a Chinese website with a China domestic host, so as to ensure the response speed of the website and avoid losing customers due to the failure of the website searching experience.

  • How to build a localised chinese website

    Mar 27,2017 - The most important factor for any Western business looking to promote their company in China is the creation of a localised Chinese website, that will appeal to customers in China. This is achieved through what could be considered Chinese website design by carefully matching literary attributes and stylistic elements to those found on other Chinese websites.

  • Most popular chinese websites in china

    Oct 19,2014 - Successfully marketing to China requires you to get noticed by as many people as possible. A good way to generate awareness is to be featured on prominent websites and blogs. These websites, with high volumes of regular traffic, allow you to get noticed by your target market. By appearing on such popular and respected websites, you will instantly appear more genuine and trustworthy. Whatever your marketing strategy, it pays to understand what the most popular websites in China are, and how they became so popular. As well as marketing, it can give you some ideas for your Chinese website.

  • How to make your chinese website appeal to users

    Aug 27,2014 - By now everyone knows that China has a large population of internet users. By 2016 it is anticipated that China will have over 730million internet users: almost double that of the USA. This makes it a safe bet that your target market is online (source: Forbes). A Chinese website allows you to connect with them in the way they want you to.

  • How a chinese website helps you with chinese social media marketing

    Apr 02,2014 - Sometimes marketing in China is no different to marketing anywhere else. Many of the same basic principles still apply. For instance, you want to be sure you’re covering all the bases, and giving your potential target market multiple ways to engage with you.

  • How to recruit chinese students using digital marketing

    Mar 20,2014 - Students from overseas are a much desired asset for any educational establishment. They diversify the studentship, demonstrate the university’s prowess and reputation, and offer many financial benefits. In fact, as of 2013, around 10% of UK university’s total funding came from overseas students outside of Britain and Europe (source: South China Morning Post). The Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Prime Minister have both expressed a desire to have more Chinese students in the UK. Universities are doing everything they can to attract eager Chinese students.

  • An informative Web Conference Digpen VI 2013

    Mar 24,2013 - Market Me China attended Web Conference Digpen VI at the Eden Project, Cornwall, UK, 23 March 2013. It was an informative conference for web designers and developers from the South West England.

  • Four Tips Baidu guides you to design a Chinese website

    Mar 01,2013 - Having a good quality Chinese website can attract your Chinese audience. Following the top tips provided by Baidu, you should gain some great ideas on best practices in Chinese website design.

  • Major players in the china tourism market you need to know

    Nov 30,2012 - China tourism overseas is a rapidly growing industry. It is estimated that by the end of 2013, 90 million tourists from China will have travelled overseas (Source: Ibtimes). Chinese tourists spent a record-breaking $102 billion in 2012, beating both Americans and Germans. Clearly, Chinese tourists are very lucrative market.

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