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  • How to maximize your Baidu SEO success in 2021

    Aug 06,2021 - If you want your business to succeed in the Chinese marketplace in 2021, then enlisting the help of a Baidu SEO agency to help with your strategy is absolutely crucial. Baidu is by far the largest search engine used in China and a Baidu SEO service has helped clued-in businesses get ahead of the competition.

  • Online marketing in china: can you penetrate the billion-strong market?

    Dec 23,2016 - If your online business doesn’t have its eyes on China, you must have a pretty good reason for overlooking it! The giant Asian country is home to one billion people, and the good news is there are plenty of web-based methods of reaching them. In this blog, we will look at some useful online marketing strategies for China.

  • Campaign KLM

    Dec 25,2014 - Acting as the first key partner with Be On for the China market, we have been working with Be On to promote video campaigns in China for Visit Britain, Exxon Mobil, IKEA, Shell and KLM since March 2014.

  • Important Baidu tips for strong China SEO

    Nov 10,2014 - Getting your Baidu SEO right means a highly profitable website. It ensures you have a large stream of traffic. As long as your site is well-designed and localised to the target market and packed full of engaging copy, SEO will supply your target market ready for your site to convert into customers. A good site is nothing without visitors, so how do you ensure that Baidu – China’s most popular search engine by a mile – properly indexes your site? We take a look at four China SEO musts.

  • Chinese SEO tips from Baidu’s top mobile searches in 2013

    Nov 03,2014 - Looking at the most popular search terms for a demographic, region, or country is a great way to understand what they care about. It can give you an indication of the kind of content and topics your target market is going to be interested it. You could also find it a good source of inspiration for your Chinese SEO, as you can use relevant related keywords to capture some of that traffic.

  • Host your chinese website inside the great firewall of china to beat slow internet speeds

    Oct 26,2014 - China’s slow internet speeds are no secret, because the Great Firewall of China. While the Beijing government races to fix the problem, Chinese internet speeds have consistently been below the global average. However, progress is being made: in the past year and a half China has risen from having the 98th slowest internet on the globe (source: Tech in Asia) to 73rd place at 3.7 megabits per second, a 32 percent year-on-year increase (source: MediaNama).

  • China’s Tmall marketplace opens its doors to overseas sellers

    Oct 08,2013 - The top B2C Chinese marketplace, Tmall, has opened up to overseas brands and merchants, which allow them to sell their products directly to Chinese consumers. By October 2013, there are 20-30 overseas brands and merchants operating on Tmall.

  • Differences between western and chinese SEO you need to know

    Sep 27,2013 - Expanding into China can be a very lucrative strategy. The population of internet users in the country is growing all the time. By entering the market online, you can minimise the risk, and maximise the gain. In order to make a success of your Chinese online marketing, you’ll need to make sure your customers can find you. For this you need to understand Chinese SEO.

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