Building a brand new or localised Chinese website
Building a brand new or localised Chinese website

Create and localise your website to Chinese users

Building a brand new or localised Chinese website

In the Chinese online world, creating an adaptable and localised Chinese website provide your business with the potentially of being viewed by over more than 700million Chinese internet users and becoming the hub of your Chinese online marketing campaigns.


Creating an adaptable and SEO friendly Chinese website for you

Do you dream of attracting more Chinese visitors to your website? Wouldn’t it be amazing to do e-commerce within China? Creating an adaptable and SEO friendly Chinese website is the answer. But, even if you own a Chinese website, maybe your Chinese target audience won’t read it.

Try out our Chinese website services which include web design and development solutions, website localisation, Chinese domain registration and website hosting services.


Chinese website design and development, localisation, Chinese domain and hosting

Chinese Website Design and Development

Do you know how to create a suitable website for your Chinese readers? Do we just duplicate the English website? IT’S NOT SO SIMPLE. For example, Estee Lauder, one of the world’s most famous brands in the beauty industry, has a tailored made Chinese website, which has the unique category “璀璨美白” (CyberWhite Brilliant Cells) that doesn’t exist on the English website, because Estee Lauder is very knowledgeable about the Chinese market– Chinese women are very fond of bright skin.

We offer localisation and development services that also include remarkably fitting graphic design. Our websites are Baidu SEO friendly, easy-to-use, and include CMS (Content Management System) solutions and are tailor-made for you to enter the Chinese market. This won’t just bring more Chinese users to your website, but will also give you excellent rankings in Chinese search engines. We can also help you to set up specific landing pages if you plan to do Chinese Baidu PPC or social media marketing.

We can help you to convert your existing English website into a Chinese version, or to develop a brand new Chinese website. Both e-commerce and non e-commerce websites are available. 

  1. Communicate with you to have a clear concept of the vision you have for the Chinese market.
  2. Combine online marketing with aspects of a great graphic design to achieve the best SEO and customer experience.
  3. Simplification: Simple site structure, smooth navigation, clear displays calls-to-action and contact information.
  4. Easy CMS (Content Management System) platform to manage your website by yourself.
  5. Content is King: We can either help you to do Chinese SEO friendly translations or create organic copywriting in Chinese for your website. Both integrate targeted Chinese keywords to reach your Chinese customers. Keep in mind, generating new content is a very effective approach in Chinese online marketing.

Please note: There is a high risk of content being banned in Mainland China which includes adult content, gambling, violation, certain political views and any other content contrary to the laws of China.


Chinese Website Localisation

There is a common misunderstanding:
Website localisation = Website translation?

Some investigations point out that many companies think that the correct approach for a localization of a website is to translate the content. This misconception can be explained by the lack of understanding companies have of socio-cultural and technical variables or the lack of professional assistance from the website localization industry.

Website localisation is about translating and localising a website into different languages making sure its contents (text, graphics and videos) are clearly and accurately translated, both in a cultural and technical manner.

There are three pillars of success for Chinese website localisation:

  1. Chinese culture oriented customisation
  2. User experience of Chinese netizens
  3. Translation quality

We can provide advice on how to localise your website focusing on the Chinese market also give you benchmarks from your competitors.


Chinese Domain Registration

Owning a domain extension that is Chinese (.cn / / .中国) is a distinct identifier for China and will enable you to start your marketing efforts in this unbelievably rapid growing economy, while also boosting the credibility of your Chinese website.

Can a Western company have a Chinese domain name?

Many businesses believe that a .cn domain name is reserved only for Chinese companies. This is not accurate since any foreign company even without a local presence are allowed to register Chinese domain names (.cn /, even .中国 which means .China in Chinese characters) without needing a third party Chinese trustee, according to the new rules about domain registration in China issued on 29 May 2012 by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). There’s more; you can also do this without a trademark / brand name registered in China.

How do I register a Chinese domain name?

There are some rules that apply when registering a Chinese domain name. Often, you need to provide:

  1. A copy of the government issued company certificate (from any country), and a link to a valid government website where the information can be validated.
  2. A copy of the government issued ID of the authorised company contact person of (Identification Card / Passport).
  3. Any other documents that are required.

What follows? You will be granted your Chinese domain name, after the approval by CNNIC.

Please note:

  1. Violating rights of third parties, names that act against moral, ethnic and government standards, and any other names that don’t comply to the laws of China are forbidden.
  2. Don’t trust the registrars who tell you that you can buy a China domain name without the correspondent approval by CNNIC.


Website Hosting

There is an often asked question: Is it necessary for my Chinese website to be hosted in Mainland China? No, not necessarily, but, we do think it is beneficial to host it in Mainland China. Why? Please read forward.

Website hosting inside Mainland China

We recommend you to host your website in Mainland China if your business entity is located within Mainland China, as website localisation hosting should make your website easier to access for your target audience, which is helpful when doing Chinese SEO.

If your website is hosted in Mainland China, you have to acquire an ICP (Internet Content Provider) license which is a permit issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to allow China-based websites to execute operations within China. You can find the ICP number of Chinese websites in the bottom of the website homepage.

Website hosting outside Mainland China

If you are without a business entity in Mainland China, we highly recommend you to host your website outside Mainland China. Hosting in Hong Kong is a good option as it is located nearby Mainland China and therefore improves the accessibility for Chinese users by having faster server responses.

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